ASTRO Short Course 2013

On May 13-15, 2013, Western University hosted participants for the second ASTRO Short Course: Two days of lectures, several hands-on lab sessions, and a keynote lecture by Ralf Gellert (University of Guelph).

Downloads are available of the course notes and lectures:

2013 Course Notes  (note that course book is 58 Mb file)

PDF versions of individual lectures:


2_Osinski_2013-Impact Cratering-Processes and Products

3_Brown-meteorite -delivery

4_Kissin_Ejecta from Large Impacts_ASTRO 2013

5_Cloutis_Spectroscopy forging asteroid – meteorite links

6_Schmidt_Martian meteorites and missions

7_Webb_Stable isotopes in meteoritics

8_Charles_Radiogenic isotopes and meteorite dating

9_Flemming_In situ X-ray diffraction in Meteoritics