Summer Students 2012

Six ASTRO summer students gained valuable experience working with ASTRO Co-Is in 2012: Bryden (Alberta), Choudhury (ROM), Nikitczuk (Brock), and Coulter, Rupert and Weiss (all at Western).

ASTRO student Adam Coulter studying the mineralogy of samples from Gow Lake, SK. by powder XRD.

Matt Nikitczuk at South Reed Rock, part of his focus area in Fort Rock Volcanic Field, where hydrothermal alteration of basaltic glass to palagonite, smectite clay, and zeolite is analogous  to that at Mount Sharp in Gale Crater on Mars.

ASTRO summer student Colin Bryden quenches a platinum crucible from a temperature of 1500 °C in the Chris M. Scarfe Petrology Lab at U. of Alberta. The crucible contains a synthetic basalt composition similar to the Tissint martian meteorite (inset). This will be used to study its igneous history.

ASTRO students Alex Rupert and Trevor Weiss study X-ray diffraction data from the Bruker D8 Discover micro X-ray diffractometer (μXRD) in Flemming’s lab.

Photomicrographs in XPL and in situ XRD data for olivine from Diavik kimberlite. Unstrained and strained olivine grains are compared, as part of Trevor Weiss’s study of strain in Earth and planetary materials by optical microscopy and μXRD.