Erin Walton


MacEwan University

Dr. Erin Walton is a Meteoritics and Planetary Scientist, specializing in shock metamorphism of planetary materials. Current research interests include:

Ÿ1) Raman spectroscopy of Earth & planetary materials
Ÿ2) Laser probe 40Ar-39Ar analysis of Martian meteorites
Ÿ3) Experimental simulation of crystallization products using a high temperature gas-mixing furnace
Ÿ4) Using Transmission Electron Microscopy to identify high-pressure minerals
Ÿ5) Locating shock veins in terrestrial impact structures
6)Ÿ Thermal modeling of post-shock cooling history

Her students are currently engaged in research on the Tissint martian meteorite and a heavily shock metamorphosed ordinary chrondrite.